I decided to change up the layout a little bit on my site. I am toying with posting more text on here. get a little bit more bloggy I suppose (yeah James you can call me out on this at any time…).

I basically put up a static page as the front page that will display just photos… currently it’s set to display the 5 newest…but I am not sure how I like that. I might at some point set it up to only display the single newest photo.

The blog link (where you clicked to see this) will contain all the photo’s but also dispersed in between will be blog posts and links to things that I find interesting on the internet.

As you probably already know… I am really bad about updating this site. I will be doing my best to update much more frequently, but feel free to leave nasty comments when I don’t post enough…

Should I keep 5 photos on the front page? or should I drop it to 1? let me know in the comments!

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